Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Little Helper

Meet my next door neighbors daughter, Payton. This Spring she has been my little helper in my garden. Last night we decided to do some planting.

Every year I love to add Caladiums on my front and back porch. I brought home some beautiful potted ones from the garden center. I love this zinc olive basket and wanted the pot to sit higher. I lined it with burlap so the potting mix wouldn't fall through the little cracks when I watered. Then I put a black planters pot I had upside down. That way I can place my Caladium right on top of it. Then added potting mix around the black pot. I love the combination of Caladiums and Diamond Frost together.
 I had Payton add some Osmocote Fertilizer under the Diamond Frost.
Payton gently placed the flower in the pot.
Having fun taking pictures! : )


  1. Adorable... both Payton and the caladium presentation. I love it. Makes me want to go get caladiums at my garden center but I don't think they carry them out here!

  2. What a cute shot with Peyton peeking around the pot. You have a great helper there. I love the pot and the flower combination.

  3. What a cute little helper you have there! I can't wait for Rory to be old enough to help!