Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Combination Of Pretty Colors

Good Sunday Morning Everyone...I have been working on more of my container gardens for my home. I love to pick pretty colors and combinations. Here is a wrought iron wall basket planter I finished. I have found that I'm really loving using burlap to line them.
I picked out Raspberry Angelonia, Euphorbia in Blush, Blue Daze and Duranta for this basket. I'm using one side to a burlap bag I got at a garden center.
I like to double and place the burlap in the basket and add some potting soil on the bottom. Then I start to add the flowers to it. When I have all the flowers placed where I want them and extra soil in between. I will then cut away the extra burlap fabric. I find that the weight of the soil and flowers will push the fabric into the basket just right. I want to make sure there is enough on the top.

A closer look at all the pretty flowers. This is the first year I have seen Euphorbia in Blush.

Blue Daze...such a pretty little blue flower.
I really hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy your gardens, family and friends no matter what your plans are. Life is good! 

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